Jeep Commander: category leader and with still high sales



Jeep Commander maintains sales leadership in the segment, with record attendance over the past two months

Jeep Commander

Jeep – a brand that is part of the Stellantis group – celebrates the performance of the SUV Commander in the Brazilian market. Nearing its first full year of sales, the Jeep Commander is the outright leader in its category.

The model, which stands out for being the first Jeep vehicle designed and developed in Brazil, is responsible for the leadership of its segment with an impressive 35% share and its sales continue to grow month after month.

In the first half of November, the Jeep Commander sold 1,180 units and in 2022 it already accumulates 18,833 units sold in Brazil, an absolute success, which this year has guaranteed the Jeep Commander record market shares among the models in its category. Analyzing October sales, the Jeep Commander captured a record 46.5% share for the model.

Another big strength of the Jeep Commander compared to its main competitors is Adventure Intelligence. It allows the user to connect to his vehicle even when away from it via the My Uconnect app (available on the Apple Store and Play Store) and via the website.

Already in the app, in the smartwatch and via the Alexa (Amazon) voice assistant, the customer will be able to control various platform functions such as remote vehicle position and status, vehicle information and smart map, emergency call in the event of a minor accident or health problem, among many other functions.

In its 2023 version, Jeep Commander has brought even more technology and protection. The model won the Jeep Healthy Cabin, a technology that removes particles with impurities from the air and eliminates impurities up to 83%. And for the Overland T270 and TD380 versions, Commander brought 19″ Pirelli tires with a runflat system, which seals the tire internally, allowing the vehicle to continue running even with holes up to 5 mm in the tread and without losing pressure.

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