The BMW i4 M50 is an electric beast with a roar reminiscent of a V8



To celebrate 50 years of M cars, BMW launches three cars that are pure pleasure to drive (including electric i4)

BMW has taken advantage of 50 years of cars in the M division (of motorsport) to launch three models that are pure pleasure to drive. Two of them are M special series 50 years of models with internal combustion engines, the BMW M3 and the BMW X6 M. It only took 12 minutes to sell out the series, which was limited due to the high value of the cars.

The best surprise, however, was the BMW i4. It is the German brand’s fourth all-electric model – and it is available in two versions, one of which is the i4 M50. We had the opportunity to do some practice on the wet track with the BMW i4 M50, at the Circuito Panamericano (SP), and the car surprised us.

In addition to being a very fascinating Gran Coupé, the BMW i4 M50 has spectacular dynamic behaviour. The launch in Launch Control mode is so strong that the driver feels dizzy, as the head is violently pushed back. The i4 M50 goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.

electric bmw i4

In addition to starting from scratch, the BMW i4 brakes on the wet track with complete confidence, without any deviation from the line, and enters tight corners with enthusiasm. The rumble is powerful, as it was created to give the driver the sensation of being in a V8, when in reality the car is all-electric.

In some situations on a wet track the car slides a little in front or behind, but it was in a borderline situation, which is unlikely to happen on the road. The car is a monster in terms of acceleration, braking and stability.

The roaring engine is actually not one, it’s two. The sports version of the BMW i4 has 400 kW of power (544 hp) and 795 Nm of torque. It’s a rocket on wheels. The battery has a capacity of 80.7 kWh and the range is 510 km. Top speed is limited to 225 km/h. This version costs BRL 596,950.

electric bmw i4

The BMW i4 eDrive40 is much cooler and has a single electric motor, with 250 kW of power (340 hp) and 430 Nm of torque. In this configuration, the beautiful German electric car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds. The battery has the same capacity of 80.7 kWh, enabling a range of up to 590 km. But we have not had the opportunity to drive this car on the Pan-American circuit.

BMW do Brasil is advancing rapidly in the world of electric cars and intends to have the same importance it achieved in the premium car segment: to be a leader. That’s why he’s investing in cars that keep driving pleasure high. Driving a BMW i4 M50 doesn’t feel like driving an electric car.

The suspension is sporty, the traction control works 10 times faster, the power transfer between the engines takes place in just 15% of the wheel revolution. The platform is specific to the electric BMW i4. The One Pedal Feeling system is intelligent, linked to navigation data.

electric bmw i4

The car has special aerodynamic wheels to reduce drag. The interior has a 14.9” multimedia giant and the application of the concept of “intelligent simplicity”: fewer buttons, but not without buttons. The car has more than 40 driver assistance items.

By purchasing the BMW i4, both in the eDrive40 and in the M50 version, the customer will receive two electric chargers: one of 22 kW for use at home or in the office and another of 11 kW, designed for the country house or the beach. According to data that BMW has collected from ‘smart cars’, BMW customers drive an average of just 25km a day. Depending on the charger, charging can take anywhere from 19 minutes to 23 hours.

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