PCD: what changes in retrofitted cars and how to keep them tidy



The NGK Technical Advisor recommends the main actions to maintain driver safety while using the PCD-adapted vehicle

Intended for people with some degree of physical, visual or mental impairment, PCD cars can be purchased by the owner or a legal guardian, offers tax relief at the time of purchase, such as IPI and ICMS, release of IPVA payment in many states of the country and exemption from the rotation of municipal vehicles (in the case of the city of São Paulo).

“The adaptations of these vehicles vary according to the medical report presented at the time of the inspection of the engine,” explains Hiromori Mori, technical assistance consultant for NGK do Brasil, a Japanese multinational specializing in ignition systems. “The doctor indicates which modifications are necessary based on the degree and type of limitations identified. The most common adaptations include the use of power steering (electric or hydraulic) and automatic or automated transmission,” he adds.

Main adaptations in vehicles for PCD

Steering wheel: insertion of a handle to prevent the driver’s hand from leaving the steering wheel or a rotary knob to facilitate driving.

Brake and Throttle: Installation of a lever to allow the driver to accelerate and brake the vehicle with one hand.

Ramps and platforms: In addition to traditional ramps, suspended or hydraulic platforms are used to facilitate access for wheelchair users.

Seats: Production of swivel and ergonomic seats specially designed for each driver.

The importance of preventive maintenance

Servicing a PCD car follows the same pattern as other inspections. Vehicles must perform preventative maintenance with quality parts as a priority to avoid unwanted moments during use. In addition to the care of the vehicle itself, it is essential that there is personal training from the driver, so that the mechanic clearly understands the customer’s needs and the physical adaptations made to the infrastructure aimed at accessibility, as well as the changes in the common areas .

“NGK and NTK products can be applied in all PCD vehicles because they are products with high technology and reliability. We are suppliers of car manufacturers both on the national and international market and we bring state-of-the-art technology integrated into all our products”, underlines the technical consultant.

Lack of specialized workshops

“In general, in Brazil we don’t have workshops aimed at this specific audience. Therefore, it is an area in which they can specialize and offer differentiated services, expanding their reach,” comments Hiromori. “The workshop should favor services by appointment, because some of the vehicles have their own characteristics, which can make maneuvering and testing difficult, for example. In this context, it is more prudent to always check the needs of each customer”.

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