Electric and hybrid vehicles will have to reveal 30% less autonomy



Inmetro will require automakers and importers to adopt a Brazilian standard to announce the range of their electrified models

Electric and hybrid vehicles will have to reveal 30% less autonomy.

Now it’s true: After adopting a new methodology for assessing the range of electrified vehicles, Inmetro has announced that it will start requiring automakers and importers to inform Brazilian consumers about the range of their cars of this type using the new table.

Based on the standard used in the United States (EPA), Inmetro’s methodology came into force at the beginning of this year, and indicates values ​​​​about 30% lower than those communicated by manufacturers – who preferred to use WLTP standards , most popular in Europe and others.

Inmetro justifies the adoption of the new standard with the fact that it takes into account other equipment that interferes with consumption during daily use, such as air conditioning and other electrical components, which is not the case when measuring according to other standards.

The new requirement will affect electrified models in different ways, but, to give you an idea, the BMW i4 eDrive 40, which today has an announced range of 590km (WLTP), will increase to 422km in the new Inmetro standard. The Volvo C40 Recharge, currently announced as being able to travel 440 km without recharging, will have a range reduced to 247 km.

According to the government agency, the deadline for companies to comply with the new rules is September 30th.

Source: Terra

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