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We did a price simulation of 24 cars that can cost less than R$ 100,000, only considering taxes (they could go even lower)

Peugeot 208: depending on the equipment, it can go down to around 62 thousand BRL

We made a simulation of how much 24 cars that could go down to less than R$ 100,000 could cost, considering approximate reductions of 11% to 1%, according to the new rules announced by the government.

In this simulation, we have created ranges of R$ 5,000 for the reductions, as the government has advised that the tax exemption will be greater for cars that cost less, are more efficient and have more domestic parts.

“Without knowing the exact text of the law, it is difficult to make a prediction,” comments Cassio Pagliarini, of Bright Consulting. “They’re talking about a 1.5% reduction to 10.79%, but I don’t know if that’s in the rate or the price.” However, he adds: “The definition of the price is up to the producer: he could also decide to make a further reduction as a promotional action, who knows …”

It is therefore an initial reference, because in this simulation factors such as energy efficiency and the level of nationalization of products are not considered; only current prices. Also, values ​​can drop much more with equipment removal.

“Furthermore, we don’t know what influence price, energy efficiency and local content have on the bill,” confirms Pagliarini. “Only with the law published will we be able to know how tax breaks are affected by all of these attributes.”

We can predict a new price war between automakers and it won’t be surprising to see cars that cost more than R$130,000 today fall to less than R$120,000 with the removal of equipment. It’s also important to point out that there are cases where a 10% tax cut doesn’t mean 10% of the price.

Therefore, the list we publish below is only a simulation that serves as an initial reference for the future price war of the automakers.

11% reduction.

Fiat Mobi – from BRL 68,990 to BRL 61,401

Renault Kwid – from BRL 68,990 to BRL 61,401

Peugeot 208 – from BRL 69,990 to BRL 62,291

10% reduction.

Fiat Mobi Trekking – from BRL 72,290 to BRL 65,061

Citroën C3 – from 72,990 to BRL 65,691

9% reduction.

Fiat Argo – from BRL 79.79 to BRL 72,609

Renault Stepway – from BRL 79,990 to BRL 72,791

8% reduction.

Volkswagen Polo Track – from BRL 81,370 to BRL 74,860

Hyundai HB20 – from BRL 82,290 to BRL 75,707

Chevrolet Onix – from BRL 84,390 to BRL 77,639

Fiat Cronos – from BRL 84,790 to BRL 78,007

7% reduction.

Volkswagen Polo MPI – from BRL 86,390 to BRL 80,343

Renault Logan – from BRL 89,560 to BRL 83,291

6% reduction.

Hyundai HB20S – from BRL 91,890 to BRL 86,377

Volkswagen Saveiro – from BRL 94,490 to BRL 88,821

Chevrolet Onix Plus – R $ 96,390 to R $ 90,607

5% reduction.

Toyota Yaris – from 97,990 to R $ 93,091

Peugeot Partner Rapid – from BRL 98,781 to BRL 93,842

Fiat Strada Endurance – from 99,990 to R $ 94,991

4% reduction.

Fiat Pulse from BRL 100,990 to BRL 96,950

Nissan Versa Sense – from BRL 101.190 to BRL 97.142

Peugeot 2008 – from BRL 102,990 to BRL 98,870

Chevrolet Spin – from BRL 103,990 to BRL 99,830

Volkswagen Virtus – from BRL 104,390 to BRL 100,214

Source: Terra

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